Rescue Dog Wouldn’t Take His Paws Off His New Dad

It’s no secret that even man’s best friends need some “me time” every once in a while. But not Stanley. The rescue dog is so grateful that he just can’t keep his paws off his dad.

His owner, Sam Clarence, met him when he volunteered at bully breed rescue in Christchurch, New Zealand. Stanley and his brothers were hiding in an abandoned building with their mother when they were only 6-months-old. Other volunteers from the shelter approached Clarence and asked him to foster Stanley. Clarence knew that it wasn’t going to work. Stanley was a “foster fail”, there was no way that he was going to give him up.

he was found hiding with his brothers
Sam Clarence

The kind-hearted man wanted to give the pooch the home he deserves. But Stanley was terrified of almost everything. When Clarence brought him home, it took the pooch nearly an hour to get out of the car. The man knew that the dog was haunted by his dreadful past. It took him a few hours to adjust to the new surrounding, but he eventually did. The kind man fed the pooch, bathed him, and set him up with a nice comfy bed. Stanley had no interest in sleeping alone though. The dog climbed on Clarence’s bed and refused to take his paws off his new dad, and that’s the way it remained ever since.

the clingy dog won't take his paws off his dad
Sam Clarence

Now, almost two years after he first met his owner, the clingy dog always has at least one paw that’s touching his human. When they go to sleep (together), Stanley always keeps one paw on his daddy’s back. When they’re watching TV the pooch would paw at Clarence continuously until he’ll allow him to cuddle with him. And when they’re on the road? Well, just see for yourself:

The rescue dog is so grateful that he won't take his paws off his dad
Sam Clarence

The two share a deep and profound bond that many can only dream of!

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