Skittish Rescue Dog Was Afraid Of Everything Until He Spent A Night With His Brother

Owning a pet is a huge responsibility. As pet parents, we’re liable for our pet’s physical and mental wellbeing. We’re responsible for making sure they’re warm in the winter, that they have enough food, and to keep them company when they’re lonely. We are their everything, and they are ours. Sadly, some people fail to understand this and mistreat their pets. This skittish rescue dog was afraid of everything after being badly mistreated throughout his early life. It only took one compassionate, loving boy to change his life around.

The first few years of Hedgie’s life were horrifying. Ever since he was a pup, Hedgie spent all day chained to a metal post in his previous owner’s back yard. He stood there in the scorching heat and the freezing cold without any shelter. This led the pooch to grow into a skittish pooch who was afraid of everyone and everything. After spending a few horrific years with his first owner, Hedgie was finally rescued and rehomed with a loving and caring family. Sadly his journey to full recovery wasn’t quite over yet.

Hedgie was wary even at his new family’s warm and loving home. He’d hide under tables and jump from any sound. Luckily there was one member of the family that managed to reach through to the skittish pooch. Their eldest son Mason.

Hedgie was comfortable being around Mason for short periods, but would still run away to hide after a while. One night Mason decided to lure the skittish doggo into his bed and have him spend the night with him. After two nights of sleeping with him, Hedgie was a whole new dog! Hedgie no longer hid under tables and in closets and followed Mason wherever he went. He was his best friend!

When Hedgie was diagnosed with megaesophagus, a rare condition that affected his eating, Mason was there for him. The vet told Mason that there are only two options – put Hedgie down, or care for him closely and intensively. For Mason, there was only one option. Hedgie grew to trust him, and he wasn’t going to let him down, no matter what!

Hedgie isn’t quite out of the woods yet, but we’re sure that he will be soon, thanks to Mason’s love and care.

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