Rescue Dog Struggles to Find A Home For More Than A Year Because He Looks Different

Every step in Wally’s life has been a struggle. The 10-year-old Pitbull Terrier mix arrived at the Town of Islip Animal Shelter after he most likely lived most of his life without a place to call home.

Jessica Abbate

Despite bearing the signs of his long life on the streets like being blind in one eye and suffering from a severe skin infection, Wally was just glad that he had found a safe loving place. 

The shelter’s staff immediately fell in love with Wally’s loving and bubbly personality. He had a million sloppy kisses to spread around and was happy to share them with anyone who came into the shelter. Sadly though, a few staff members expressed their concerns after seeing that his unique looks scared away a few potential adopters.

Jessica Abbate

Sadly their concerns turned out to be true. Now, a year after arriving at the shelter, Wally still hasn’t found a loving forever home, and it hugely affected his mood. 

When Wally first arrived at the shelter, he was energetic and happy to leave his kennel whenever he could. Now he just stays indoors, looking sad and depressed.

Jessica Abbate

Wally is still available for adoption and is looking for a loving home, preferably without any stairs or kids under the age of 15.

Jessica Abbate

Do you happen to live near Long Island, NY and looking to bring a loving senior dog into your home? Wally will definitely appreciate and cherish you for giving him a home and would pay you back with infinite love, affection, and slobbering.

Town of Islip Animal Shelter
210 South Denver Ave
Bay Shore, NY 11706
Phone number: (631) 224-5660 E-mail –  [email protected]

Jessica Abbate

Tag your friends and share this story with anyone looking to adopt and let’s find Wally a forever home today!

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