Rejected Kitten Comes Running From The Bushes Straight To Her New Mamma

Cassie, a young animal lover from California, was casually cleaning horse stables when she heard the sweetest little voice. She wasn’t expecting to find her feline soulmate that day, but the universe had other plans. The woman was amazed when she saw how a tiny rejected kitten comes running towards her from the bushes, meowing for her help.

When she first heard the voices, Cassie assumed it was a bird. After looking around for a few minutes, she noticed that one of the horses was staring into the nearby bushes. She neared the hedges and leaned down to get a better look. To Cassie’s much surprise, the next thing she saw was how a helpless rejected kitten comes running towards her, from deep inside the bushes. She picked the tiny critter and brought her to the tack room. The kitty’s condition was alarming. She was starving and severely dehydrated. When Cassie filled a bowl with water, thee poor kitty couldn’t wait for her to finish. She started drinking all the water that poured on the floor around the bowl.

Luckily Cassie bought cat food for her other cat that day, so she ran to the car to grab it. She could barely finish filling the bowl before the kitty gulped it all. When she finished her work, Cassie brought the kitten back home and gave her a nice, long medicinal bath, to remove all the ticks and fleas. A few minutes later, the kitten fell asleep in her new cozy new bed. She knew she was finally safe.

The kitten was almost unrecognizable the following day. The now lively and cheerful feline ran around the house excessively, in search of anything she could play with. Even though she was the smallest, the kitten wasn’t afraid to wrestle Cassie’s other cat, who was more than twice her size.

Over the next few months, the tiny cat grew, both in size and personality. The feline loves to play with her four-legged siblings for hours, but she’s mamma’s little kitten. Cassie returned to the bushes where she first found on several occasions. She wanted to see if the kitty’s mother is looking for her baby, but she never found her. Knowing that no one in the world loved the kitten more than her, Cassie adopted the adorable critter. She decided to name her Charm (as in lucky charm), for her fortune for finding her that day.

Watch the adorable moment the rejected kitten comes running from the bushes in the video below:

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