These Rats Became An Online Sensation After Their Miniature Artwork Sold Out

It’s no secret that some animals have remarkable artistic capabilities. These adorable rats are so gifted, that their miniature artwork sold out completely, and the internet just can’t get enough of them.

According to Steph Toogood, the origins of her unusual project are rooted in a rather grim beginning. “The idea of painting on canvases came to me after I lost one of my boys, Captain Jack Sparrow (Gibbs’ brother) last year (2018),” Toogood wrote on her business’s social media page. Jack had to undergo surgery and never woke up from his anesthesia. Toogood, who worked as the vet’s assistant, managed to get a few final paw prints from her beloved rat when the idea popped into her mind: “I thought it would be lovely for my boys to do something similar when they were with me to keep when they’re gone, so I got some mini canvases and paint, and they’ve created memorial pieces for me to keep,”

Since she’s also a talented photographer, Toogood snapped pictures of her 12 rats next to their creations and posted it to their social media pages. The adorable rats and their stunning works of art didn’t go unnoticed. After checking Toogood’s Tiny Paws’ official Etsy page, we were surprised to discover that there are no current listings. The rats’ miniature artwork completely sold out! It turns out that Toogood ran out of tiny canvases for them to paint on. “I am making an order this week and hopefully arranging pre-orders soon,” the woman later calmed her eager fans on her Facebook page.

Toogood wanted to point out that her rats’ wellbeing is her top priority: “They’re my best friends, and they will not spend their lives covered in paint, no matter how high the demand is for their art right now,” She then continued, “Some of the boys are target trained and will follow a target stick or by hand to make painting easier – we even have a miniature agility course which some of them are good at!”

As it turns out, Toogood isn’t in it for the fame and art alone: “I don’t want to use this page just for their art – I aim to promote the keeping of rats as pets and their welfare, as well as sharing what the boys get up to outside of painting,” 

If you like the rats’ miniature artwork, feel free to visit their Etsy page, to stay updated with their latest listings.

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