Rat Always Takes Naps On His Giant Canine Friend

In a similar way to kids, raising an animal around other species will make it grow to accept and love creatures of all shapes and sizes. Nuka is a German shepherd that grew up surrounded by almost every creature on the planet, is definitely no exception. Nuka was always friendly to other creatures, but even her owners were surprised when they saw how a tiny rat takes naps on their compassionate canine.

The love story began after a local pet store was forced to closed its doors, following the coronavirus. The shop owner asked Nuka’s parents to take care of a white and gray rat named Blue. Nuka was no stranger to rats. She had three different rat siblings over the years, but this one was different. From the very first moment the pooch lied eyes on the rat, the two fell in love. The rat, who was understandably confused from the sudden change in his life, needed comfort, and Nuka was happy to provide.

Blue the tiny Rat Takes Naps On her Canine friend Nuka

Nuka’s mother trained her pooch to lie still on the ground when she introduces her to a new animal. Animals usually take a few minutes to trust the pooch and get closer to her. This time though, the rat ran towards the pooch and cuddled in her thick fur the second her feet touched the ground. Blue didn’t care about their size differences. She saw straight into the dog’s loving soul.

It seems like Blue awaken Nuka’s maternal instincts. Now, whenever Blue gets sleepy and dozes off on her canine friend, Nuka lies still, careful not to wake her tiny friend. She also gives her rat friend adorable lick baths, which the rat doesn’t seem to mind at all. It even looks like she’s enjoying them. Blue, on the other hand, uses Nuka’s enormous body as her own personal gym. She loves to run back and forth, from head to tail, until she gets tired, in which case, her bed is never too far.

The Rat That Takes Naps On Canine Also Recieves The Included Lick Bath

Watch the adorable video that shows how the rat takes naps on her giant canine friend:

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