Rare Shots Of Blackbird Forms Artistic Smoke Rings As It Sings

Every good photographer has the one-shot that changes its career. For Kathrin Swoboda, it was more than a career-changing shot but rather a picture that took peoples’ breaths away!

Photographing birds is a common thing to do among nature photographers, but Swoboda captured rare shots of a red-winged blackbird in which one can see its song through his condensed air that comes out of its beak.

The distinguished photographer took the incredible picture in a famous shooting location for nature photographers, Huntley Meadows Park, Virginia. The island is renowned for its wildlife and breathtaking nature.

She desired to capture a unique phenomenon; the beautiful male red-wing blackbird, who’s known for its pleasant sound of his singing, formes artistic smoke shapes when he calls out for a potential mate.

But that, not only that she wanted to photograph him, she tried to capture his breath as well. You might wonder what does photographing his breath means. Well, when it’s cold outside, and the warm breath comes out of his body out into the cold air, it condenses and makes beautiful shapes as seen in the pictures.

When she explored the Huntley Meadows Park island, she heard a pleasant sound and realized it was a blackbird! As he delightfully sang, he formed mesmerizing smoke rings that later captured peoples’ attention.

The honorable photographer was lucky enough to have the perfect setting; the air was chilly, and the morning sun was perfectly light.

Swoboda was granted this year’s Audubon Photography Award for these two amazing shots, and she surely deserves it.
Besides these incredible portraits of the blackbird, there are many other ‘must-see’ photographs on her website. Make sure you stop by it!

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