Rare Puppy Born With A Bright Green Coat

Nature is full of surprises, but no one, including this Italian farmer who already delivered eight pups in his life, expected to witness a puppy being born with such a radiant green coat.

Cristian Mallocci is a seasoned farmed who thought he’d already seen it all. That’s why when his loyal sheepherder dog Spelacchia was about to give birth, the man didn’t get even slightly stressed.

The first four puppies came out looking pretty normal and similar to their mother, who has a bright white coat. The fifth puppy, on the other hand, appeared a bit different – he was born with a bright green coat that covered him from head to tail!

Given the puppy’s rare coloring, the man figured it only makes sense to name him accordingly, so he called him Pistachio. While animals that are born with such distinct green coats are new to us, a quick Google search revealed that this is definitely not the first time something like this happens.

A more thorough Google search later revealed the cause of this rare phenomenon. The rare green coat is a result of a light-colored puppy that came in contact with a pigment called biliverdin in its mother’s womb. Apart from giving puppies adorable green coats, biliverdin is also the pigment that gives bruises their greenish color.

Pistachio won’t stay green forever though. His unique color will eventually fade away as he’ll grow. Mallocci plans to find all four puppies loving homes as soon as their old enough. He wants to keep Pistachio and train him to replace his mother as a sheepherder. We’re certain that the pup will make a great farm dog when he’ll grow up.

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