Rare Moment A Baboon Carries A Lion Cub Up A Tree And Grooms Him As If He Was His Own

This incredible unprecedented moment happened this past Sunday. Kurt Schultz, a safari operator at the Kruger Safari in South Africa, spotted the unusual behavior of the young baboon while on a morning walk near Skukuza, one of the safari’s camps.

The video (which BTW looks like it was taken straight from ‘The Lion King’), shows a young male baboon stealing a lion cub, carrying with him up the tree, and grooming him as if he was his own baby baboon, a behavior Kurt Schultz hasn’t come across in his 20 years of working in the safari.

Schultz first noticed something abnormal was happening, when he saw a troop of excited gorillas gathering near an area scattered with granite boulders, where lions have been known to hide their cubs while away hunting for food. As Schultz came nearer to the group he noticed they were fighting over a confused lion cub.

After a short while, as the troop settled down, one baboon picked the cub up, climbed a nearby marula tree, and started grooming him.

According to Schultz, this behavior is extremely rare, and while troops of baboons have been known to hunt and kill young leopards and lions, he has never seen one being groomed and nurtured by them before.

Schultz spent about an hour watching and documenting the rare sighting, before leaving for a meeting.

Witness this incredible never-before-seen moment in the video below:

We Later got reports from Kurt’s safari that the little cub sadly didn’t make it.

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