Biologist Captures Rare Footage Of Mysterious Luminescent Sea Angels

Alexander Semenov is a gifted Russian marine biologist. The young scientist loves to explore the vast northern oceans and study all types of strange spineless sea slugs, who call the freezing waters home. Recently, Semenov captured this remarkable footage of the magical sea angels, and they’re so stunning that they went viral almost instantly.

Alexander Semenov/Flickr

The young marine biologist leads a team of divers at the White Sea Biological Station. Semenov described the nature of his work on his Flickr account. “My team and I are used to diving in unfavorable and often harsh conditions, successfully conducting complex research projects”.  Semenov is also a skilled underwater photographer, who loves to share every discovery he makes with others. “My personal goal is to study underwater life through camera lenses and to boost people’s interest in marine biology. I do this by sharing all my findings through social media and in real life through public lectures, movies, exhibitions, and media events,” He wrote.

Alexander Semenov/Flickr

There is actually very little known about the mysterious sea angels’ lifecycle. The elusive creatures begin to emerge underneath the ice cap, as soon as the temperatures of the northern oceans start to drop. It only takes a few weeks for the northern oceans to be filled with these magical creatures. At the peak of their mating season, you can find as many as 500 sea angels in one cubic meter of water. They paint the northern oceans with spectacular luminescent colors during the freezing-cold winter months.

Alexander Semenov/Flickr
Rare Footage Of The Elusive Sea Angels
Alexander Semenov/Flickr

But the sneaky sea angels don’t stick around for long. As soon as the temperatures start to rise again, the sea angels disappear just as quickly as they came. No one’s sure where they go, or how they survive. All that is known is that next winter, around February, they reappear. The world is yet to find an efficient way of tracking the sea angels to see where they’re going.

Alexander Semenov/Flickr
Maybe thanks to this Footage Of the Sea Angels we will know a bit more about them
Alexander Semenov/Flickr
Rare Footage Of Sea Angels
Alexander Semenov/Flickr

Watch Semenov’s stunning footage of the mysterious sea angels here:

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