Rare Chocolate Brown Husky With Bright Eyes Breaks Instagram

With all the information we could ever want just a few taps away (or clicks if you’re on a computer), it’s easy to be mistaken and think we have already seen everything the world has to offer. Every once in a while though, we’re reminded that mother nature still has a few tricks up her sleeves, just like this next chocolate brown husky with his gorgeous bright blue eyes!

At a quick glimpse, the doggo, who goes by SeQuoi Tenk, may look like he’s a wild wolf, but he’s an AKC certified, 100% Siberian Husky. SeQuoi’s similarity to wolves doesn’t end with his appearance though, just like his relatives, the young pooch lives a nomadic lifestyle with his momma Nikki.

The two spend their lives on the road, traveling all over the U.S., and they make sure to share their adventures with their 55K followers on Instagram.

When asked by My Modern Met about her dog’s unusual name, Nikki explained: “His first name SeQuoi, is after a sequoia tree,” she said: ”They say a name can really shape a personality, and I wanted him to be big, tall, and strong like a sequoia tree is.”

Nikki then continued to explain the meaning behind her dog’s second name, Tenko: “Tenko is Japanese for ‘heavenly fox,’ and as much as I wanted him to be strong, I also wanted him to be sweet, which he totally is!”

As you can imagine, walking with a dog like this doesn’t go unnoticed – Being a brown husky with bright blue eyes raises a few brows occasionally: “Everywhere we go, people stop in their tracks wanting to pet him,” the woman said. “I get asked at least three–five times by strangers ‘what is he?’ and when I say ‘Siberian Husky,’ no one ever believes me, but he is AKC certified and is 100% Siberian Husky.” See? We told you he’s a certified Husky.

A recent post revealed that SeQuoi Tenk is about more than just good looks. “Yesterday when mum came home, I was on the roof, yep, I can open windows now… not even a year old and I have so many skills!”

SeQuoi of course, couldn’t care less about how many likes or followers he has on Instagram, but judging by his adorable pictures on Instagram, he’s living almost every dog’s dream life!

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