Quimera’s Look Is A Result Of One Of Nature’s Most Stunning Accidents

Quimera is a stunning looking cat from Argentina, who’s unusual looks took the internet by storm.

She’s named for the genetic condition that’s responsible for her unique look – Chimera.

The condition is a result of the fusion of two embryos that form one single organism, making Quimera basically, her own twin. Well, sort of…

Feline Genetic Chimera is actually fairly common, but Quimera’s appearance is one definitely of a kind.

The Chimerism color-split runs straight in the middle of her body, and her blue and hazel-brown are beautifully contrasted

Quimera has an active Instagram page with a devoted fan base of 92K followers(!)

Since Quimera is completely unaware of her astronomical online fame, she lives a modest life and enjoys snuggling and climbing on her human

Visit Quimera’s Instagram page and stay tuned with her kitty adventures

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