Quarantined Man Sends His Chihuahua To Buy Him Cheetos From The Store

As more and more countries implement social distancing as a formal method of fighting the spread of the coronavirus, people find themselves appreciating things they previously took for granted. It seems that now more than ever, people desperately try to maintain a routine that’s as normal as possible.

One man that wasn’t going to let some viral virus stop him from having his favorite snack recently went viral himself. The man, called Antonio Munoz, was in quarantine for three days and aching to have a bite of his life’s obsession – orange Cheetos.

The fact that Munoz lives right across the street from a store that carries what seemed like a lifetime supply of orange Cheetos probably made it even harder for the man. Munoz decided to dedicate his abundant spare time to design a fail-proof plan for obtaining his much-longed Cheetos.

Munoz tied a $20 bill and a note to his chihuahua and sent him on the long journey to the store across the street.

The note read: “Hello Mr. Shopkeeper. Please sell my dog some Cheetos, the orange kind, not the red ones, they’re too hot. She has $20 attached to her collar. WARNING: She will bite if not treated right. Your front neighbor.”

After laughing his head off, the shopkeeper took this adorable picture of the doggo in his store

And despite his excitement from finally getting his Cheetos fix, Munoz didn’t forget to snap a few last photos of the victorious doggo returning from his courageous quest, with his change of course.

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