Puzzled Hawk Can’t Understand Why This ‘Duck’ Isn’t Afraid Of Him

Nothing could have prepared this hawk for this next encounter. The hawk was caught on camera trying to catch a ‘duck’, but to his surprise, the creature wasn’t afraid of him at all.

As apex predators, hawks are probably used to see animals escaping them for dear life constantly. This is probably the reason why this hawk seems so puzzled over why this next ‘duck’ isn’t afraid of him at all.

The hawk must have spotted the sitting duck (no pun intended) chilling out on a green patch of grass below and thought he had hit the jackpot. It was only when he got closer that things started to get weird.

The duck was completely oblivious to the hawk nearing him. Puzzled, the hawk poked the ducky a few times, but the duck remained still and didn’t move a muscle.

The hawk is seen in the video looking around in confusion, as if he’s looking to see if someone’s pranking him. The duck wasn’t real, of course. It was just a plastic figurine.

After trying to poke the duck into life, the hawk eventually gave up and moved on, leaving us with this next hilarious video:

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H/T – The Dodo

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