Two Pups Help Their Dad Make Deliveries Now That Their Daycare Is Closed

Now that the world is slowly returning to its usual self (or at least trying), people need to find creative solutions that will keep their kids, both human and non-human, occupied while they’re at work. The owner of these two pups had them help him make deliveries, and they love every second of it!

The daycare Chorizo and Cocoa used to go to has been closed since the pandemic broke out. Their owner, Daniel Nava, who works as a fulltime FedEx deliveryman, had to keep on working even during the lockdown. He knew that he had to think of a creative way of keeping his two pups occupied during his long workdays. Luckily he came up with the perfect way of doing just that. Nava started bringing Cocoa and Chorizo with him to work. It was not an easy decision to make. Luckily though, his supervisor is a considerate man who trusted Nava to keep his pups out of trouble.

The little concern Nava had for his pups’ wellbeing disappeared as soon as he saw how much fun they’re having on duty. They cherish every moment with their dad and take their job very seriously. Nava took his gag even one step further and dressed his pups in his old uniforms, and a pair of dog sunglasses from Amazon. There’s no doubt that these two are the cutest delivery pups FedEx ever hired.

So far the responses from people on Nava’s route were very positive. Some even wait especially for the peculiar dogs in uniforms to pass by their house. When Chorizo and Cocoa behave well all day, Nava stops by the local dog park and let them run wild.

It appears that the two have many adventures ahead of them. At least for as long as their daycare remains closed. Either way, they certainly don’t seem to mind it.

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