Puppy Was Accidently Left Behind in the Street

Sweet Gunnar had a rough start. He was born to a loving mom and had many adorable siblings to share his time with. However, his cruel owners were irresponsible and didn’t even want to deal with the “puppies issue”.

Although Gunnar’s mom was their own dog, the owners didn’t have any mercy and took them to the shelter for adoption instead of finding them loving homes.

Consequently, the owners headed towards the nearest shelter and dropped the dogs over and forgot about Gunnar.

The cutie doggy was stranded entirely with nothing to have and to hold but trash. 

The question of why this specific pup was left behind still remains. Some say he was genuinely forgotten while others believe he was abandoned. However, we can all agree that these people should’ve never had a dog in the first place!

The abandoned pup was wandering aimlessly through the streets, having nowhere to go and completely disoriented. He hoped to find his lost, beloved family and had no idea that he could never find them all by himself, let alone find food or water.

After a few days of wandering starving on the street he encountered two kind-hearted officials that were appalled by his condition and decided to help. 

The officials brought the puppy to a vet to run some tests. The sweet pooch had fleas, ticks, and worms. It was evident that he had lived in horrible conditions. Due to countless parasites, poor Gunnar had lost a lot of blood and suffered from acute anemia.

Thankfully, the vet was well-experienced and knew precisely how to care for the adorable canine. The staff at the clinic fed the pup properly so he would gain weight.

The sweet puppy stayed at the vet’s in his very own kennel until he started recovering. With time he started to recover and time to find him a home had finally arrived.

Gunnar’s charming personality made it easy for him to find an adoptive family. An incredible woman decided to adopt the pup and couldn’t wait to finally take him home.

Gunnar has finally found his forever home! 

Nevertheless, we must remember that many animals are looking for forever homes daily. You can always find a homeless dog that will fit your lifestyle!

Watch the pup’s journey in the video below!

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