Puppy Struggles To Fall Asleep Finds Comfort In Baby

Poor Callie had a rough start in life. Her former owner tied her to a fence and simply stranded her there, restrained and helpless.

Thankfully, one person who walked by heard her cries, and thanks to his kind heart, he decided to stop and help the sweet puppy.

The good Samaritan released sweet Callie and took her home with him.

Source: Cute Animals/YouTube

On his way home, the man bonded with Callie and decided to keep her. The moment they’d arrived home, he noticed the effect the horrible experience had on her.

Since Callie is just a puppy, the new owner introduced her to his newborn baby. He asked the canine to rest next to the baby, but Callie was too scared to do so.

Although Callie was obviously exhausted after the day she had gone through, she was too afraid to be abandoned again, and just couldn’t bring herself to fall asleep. The new owner understood her worries, but knows that she’ll just need time to get used to her new forever home; with time, he’ll gain her trust.

Source: Cute Animals/YouTube

Eventually, the tiny pooch succumbs to slumber and closes her eyes slowly. She is tired, but e still can’t shake the anxiety away. To feel safe again, Callie did the cutest thing you could possibly think of – she cuddled with the owner’s newborn, so she wouldn’t feel so alone.

The baby helped Callie feel relaxed and more confident. Next to him, she could finally be relaxed, knowing he’ll never leave her all by herself.

The baby may not know it yet, but he just earned a new canine sister for life. It looks like the two will soon become best friends, and we can’t wait to see how their relationship develops.

The entire occurrence was recorded on this endearing video! It’s a definite must-watch.

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