Cutest Nap Ever: Puppy, Kitten, And Baby Cuddle Together Adorably

Growing up with a pet contributes tremendously to the development of a child. Pets give children a sense of protection and encourage them to discover the world for themselves. But that’s old news to any of you lucky enough to grow up with a pet. Recently a video of a puppy, kitten, and a baby who cuddle together adorably took the internet by storm. We can totally see why.

This ADORABLE 6-week-old baby, named Elsarose, has to be one of the luckiest kids in the world. She gets to grow up with not one, but two furry friends who love her to infinity and back. Her older, 8-month-old sister, Nelda the white Lab protects her while being looked after from above by Pebbles, their precious ragdoll sibling.

You have to watch the precious moment the puppy, kitten, and baby Elsarose cuddle together:

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