Rescue Puppy Gets Adopted And Can’t Hide Her Happiness

Just like us humans, some dogs are so cheerful that they don’t let anything bring them down. As you can see in the picture below, Matilda, the puppy in this story, can’t hide her happiness, and for a very good reason.

This picture of Matilda was taken minutes after she was adopted from the Douglas County Animal Shelter in Georgia at only two months old. Despite starting life with a harsh couple of months the pooch doesn’t let it drag her down. She is clearly bursting with joy to finally be out of the shelter.

But even at the shelter, everyone fell in love with Matilda’s uplifting personality. She used to run around, wagging her tail and showering everyone with kisses. Her personality is actually what got her out of the shelter in the first place. 

The minute a group of volunteers from  Pibbles & More Animal Rescue laid eyes on Matilda, they instantly knew they were going to rescue her. At that moment the adorable pooch wagged her tail even more excessively than usual. Matilda was matched with her new foster mom Kerrie Rich and wagged her tail all the way to her new foster home.

Now after spending about a month with her new foster family, Matilda is still the happiest little pup. She hasn’t stopped wagging her tail from the moment she arrived and loves to play with her new foster siblings, both human and canine. She won’t allow anyone around her to have a bad day and cheers them up instantly.

Matilda is currently waiting for her skin disease to heal. When it will, she will be ready for the next chapter in her life – finding a warm and loving forever home.

There’s no doubt that Matilda’s new forever family will fall in love with her cheerful demeanor instantly and that their house will overflow with her infectious adorableness.

Watch how the adorable puppy can’t hide her happiness and wags her tail excessively: 

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