Puppy Abandoned In The Middle Of A Busy Highway, Cries For Help And Freezes In Fear

As if the fact that people abandon their dogs when times get a bit rough isn’t infuriating enough, the fact that some chose to do it in the most inhumane and heartless ways is just maddening.

Ovidiu Rosu is a veterinary surgeon and animal lover from Bucharest, Romania. On one of his recent trips back from work, Rosu saw something that changed him forever. The man was driving home just like any other day when he saw a helpless puppy hiding under the railing that separates the lanes of one of Bucharest’s busiest highways.


When Rosu stopped his car on the side of the road, he heard the confused puppy’s chilling cries for help, as cars on both sides of the road rushed past him. The man knew that without help, it’s only a matter of time before the helpless creature gets killed.

The man thoughtfully calculated his moves and ran towards the poor pup, careful not to scare her off into traffic. When Rosu approached the terrified pooch, she was so frightened that she froze in place. Her past experience with humans taught her not to trust them and despite Rosu’s countless attempts, the dog refused to move.

Rosu’s time to win over the dog’s trust was running out, so in a swift move, the man grabbed the doggo and ran back to his car. The pooch may have not realized it then, but her life was saved from certain death.

Rosu brought the dog home with him, bathed, fed and cared for her. The selfless man is now taking care of the dog, which he named Berta, until she finds the loving home that deserves her.

Watch the daring rescue mission in the video below:


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