Delightful Pictures Of Puppies Growing Up With Their Favorite Stuffed Toys

We all had that one favorite toy, blanket, or pillow we’d refuse to go to bed without when growing up. Apparently, when it comes to finding comfort, puppies aren’t very different from us. Puppies that grow up with stuffed toys are likely to return to them for comfort even when they grow older. 

Then and Now:

But what makes a dog prefer one toy over another? Studies show that dogs prefer toys that smell or taste like food, as they stimulate their natural hunting instincts. They also like toys that they can tear apart as it strengthens their teeth and excites them. In the case of female dogs, studies have found that the majority of them prefer toys that resemble puppies. This very well may be due to the fact that females have natural motherly instincts, and they enjoy pretending to mother these toys.

Be that as it may, one thing’s certain – these pictures of puppies with their favorite stuffed toys are guaranteed to brighten even the darkest day!

This pup has a stuffed doll of himself

This one loves to snuggle with his two favorite piglet friends

They even sleep the same

Winston loves his duck toy


Aww look how sleepy this one is

Wachoo lookin’ at?!?

And last but not least:

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