Three Puppies Saved After Being Left To Die In A Plastic Bag

The way some people chose to abandon their unwanted pets, is so horrifying that you can’t wrap your head around what they were thinking. These three adorable newborn Collie puppies were left to die in a plastic bag. The bag was dangling on a barbed wire fence on the side of a dirt road near Donegal, Ireland.

That’s not even the most horrifying thing about this story though. The people who found the pups, believe that the bag got caught on the fence when the person tried to throw it to the stream below, and drown the helpless creatures. Not knowing how to approach the situation and what to do with the pups, the person called Smyth’s Veterinary Services. They quickly sent a staff member to the scene. The man initially thought it was a bag of kittens. He was surprised to open the plastic bag up and find the three precious little newborn puppies in it. Thankfully the bag didn’t rip. If it would have the pups would have fallen into the stream and drown or die from the fall.

The man brought the puppies back to the clinic, where they received treatment for hypoglycemia, hypothermia, and a warm meal. The vet who examined the newborns determined that they’re no older than ten days. The pups were then transferred to the ISPCA (The Irish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), who will help them recover and eventually find loving forever homes.

We would like to kindly remind readers NEVER to approach distressed animals. While having the best intentions in mind, one could easily end up being attacked by an animal that feels threatened by him. If you happen to come across an animal in need, please leave it to the professionals who are trained to deal with these situations.

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