Pup Guards Bread and Hides It When Her Family Is Away

While many believe that only certain breeds are capable of being guard dogs, in reality, many other breeds are excellent guard dogs mainly for the very simple reason of being loyal and protective over their beloved owners.

World meet Jakey, she is a 6-year-old courageous pup who goes above and beyond to protect a strange thing.

Instead of watching over her house, she narrows down her responsibly list and decides to protect nonother but the family’s bread. Her hilarious behavior started four years ago when she moved with her parents to their farm. Her mom, Katrina Frank, says that she hides the bread whenever they leave the house.

For some mysterious reason, the pup would sniff out the plastic-wrapped loaf and won’t let anything stop her till she makes sure it’s safe and sound. She would even pull the bread box to open it and reach the precious bread. If her parents hide it in the pantry, she would nudge the door open and claim it back!

Not even the refrigerator will stand between the two! The brilliant dog knows how to open its door and get her fine treasure.

Interestingly, the bread guardian has never taken a bite and always ensures that no one else will. She usually puts it behind the couch or in the closet and lays by it to make sure that it’s out of people’s reach.

And then, when Frank is back home, she leaps to the door with a guilty look on her face and leads her to the bread’s hiding spot. 

When they run out of bread, she would move on to cookies or other baked goods. She doesn’t stop there, the next thing Jakey moves on to is protecting the butter!

The Frank family can rest assured that their goods are safe and sound thanks to sweet Jakey.

Check out the hilarious video of Jakey:

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