Adorable Pup Gets Adopted After Smiling At Everyone She Meets At The Shelter

The Dalai Lama once said “A simple smile. That’s the start of opening your heart and being compassionate to others.” And the doggo is this next story sure knows that! The adorable pup arrived at the shelter and was adopted within one day, all because she never stopped smiling.

It’s unclear how she got there, to begin with, but the adorable pooch was found wandering all alone on the side of one of Texas’s busiest highways. Luckily a good samaritan spotted her just in time and called Beaumont Animal Care, who came to pick her up.


All the way back to the shelter, and even upon his arrival, the pup never stopped smiling. As you can only imagine, the staff instantly fell in love with the young doggo’s bubbly personality. Rachel Barron, a worker at the shelter who took a particular liking to the sweet pooch, knew just how to help her find a forever home.

She recorded a short video of the smiling doggo and uploaded it to the shelter’s Facebook page captioning it with: “This little girl is so happy. But what would make her smile even bigger? A forever home.” It wasn’t long before the post was shared by hundreds of people and went viral.

Not too far from there, Nicole Toney was lying in bed and casually scrolling through her Facebook feed when she laid her eyes on the adorable smiling pooch. She showed the video of the doggo to her husband, who, like many others, also fell in love with her immediately.

They were so excited that they barely slept that night. The two rushed to the shelter first thing the following morning and asked to see the “smiling dog”. The pup was a bit shy at first, but it didn’t matter for the couple, who were filling the adoption forms minutes after arriving at the shelter.

The two named their new dog Layla and brought her back home with them. They were a bit concerned that Layla would have a hard time adapting to living with them and their gang, which includes two other rescue dogs and two cats.  

They introduced Layla to her new siblings one by one, and although slightly hesitant at first, they all eventually fell in love with Layla’s charming personality.

Now, a few years later, Layla isn’t a little puppy anymore, but she’s still just as cute. Unlike her appearance, her personality hasn’t changed one bit, and she still loves to run around and tease her siblings.

Watch how Layla the adorable pup gets adopted from the shelter after smiling at anything she comes across:

You can follow Layla’s adventures on her Instagram page.

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