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    Go Animals Pet Paw Cleaner

    Love to watch your pooch run wild? Forget the muddy aftermath with the dog paw cleaner that easily removes the most stubborn dirt – the Pet Paw Cleaner! The device’s soft silicone bristles, gently and effectively clean all bits of dirt, mud, and debris from beneath the fingernails and between the pads, leaving you with a sparkling clean dog and a sparkling clean house. The Pet Paw Cleaner comes in two sizes to fit your pooch perfectly: X Large – 9.5” / 24 cm, L – 6.5” / 16.5 cm.

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    Customer Reviews
    1. Michele

      I have 3 dogs. All 3 are rescues, my one dog is very sensitive and protective. My rescue HATED this! But the other two it worked well, so I assume it has more to do with my rescue dog than with the cleaner itself.

    2. Kayla H

      Very convenient product when you have an inside pet. Cuts down on dirt and mud coming into the house.

    3. Alan De Los

      Easy to take apart and clean if you take the time. I’d rinse it right away. My dogs think it’s weird. But it works!

    4. Deborah

      We are new to this item and already in love! I have big dogs and their paws fit easily inside the cup and I was shocked at how much unseen dirt it removed! Super easy to take apart and clean, and I love the added benefit of using the inside for a massage during baths!

      Image #1 from Deborah
    5. Melissa Spanjer

      At first, my 2-year old Golden wouldn’t let me go anywhere near him with this paw cleaner. I don’t know what made him change his mind but when I tried again a couple of months later he allowed me to clean all of his feet with the cleaner and it did a terrific job! If your pooch is scared at first don’t give up – leave it aside and try again after a few months.

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    1. Fill the paw cleaner’s cup with lukewarm water.

    2. Insert your pet’s paw into the cleaner and twist it around.

    3. Dab dry with a towel.

    4. Repeat for the remaining paws.

    * Adding soap is optional and may get better results.

    • The silicone lid doubles as a grooming brush.
    • The durable bristles are made from soft medical silicone that easily removes even the most stubborn bits of dirt and mud.
    • The frosted surface of the polygonal cylinder makes the device easy to grip.
    • Easily disassembled for cleaning in the dishwasher or by hand

    XL – Length: 9.5”/24 cm tall, Width: 4.5″/11.4 cm, suitable for large dogs weighing 90lbs/40 kg and above.

    L – Length: 6.5”/16.5 cm, Width: 4’/10.2 cm, suitable for medium dogs weighing up to 90lbs/40 kg.

    Color: Red/Blue/Green

    Materials: Silicone and PP

    Orders are processed within 12-24 hours, after which a shipment confirmation email will be sent, along with a tracking number.

    Go Animals proudly offers standard fast 1-4 day shipping to any destination within the U.S, and 8-18 day shipping for international orders. Orders placed on Fridays after 1:00 PM will be processed and dispatched on the following Monday.

    Payment for orders that fail to arrive within 12 business days will be fully refunded, excluding shipping fees. Go Animals will cover any damage that occurs during shipping, within 60 days from the date of receipt.

    As a company committed to its customer’s satisfaction, Go Animals want you to LOVE your new pet products. If you are not fully satisfied with our product, let us know, and we will make our best efforts to resolve any issue. Go Animals will gladly return, exchange, or cancel a purchase, and offer you store credit, a replacement item, or a refund (excluding the shipping fees).

    Need a quick answer? Feel free to email us at [email protected]

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    Questions and Answers

    Is it suitable for species other than dogs?

    Yes, the bristles are very soft and delicate and can easily be used for cleaning the paws of any animal, as long as they fit inside the cleaner.

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    Is it easy to clean?

    Yes, very. The device can be easily disassembled for cleaning and drying.

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    Does it come with a lid that allows it to be transferred with water in it? I may not always have a source of water handy.

    No, there's no way of sealing water inside the paw cleaner.

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    There's still some dirt left, what can I do?

    Add soap and warm water and try again.

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    Is the cup itself dishwasher safe?


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    How much water should I put in it?

    The cup should be about half full.

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