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    Go Animals Pet Paw Cleaner


    Love watching your pooch running wild in the park, but hate the muddy aftermath? Go Animal’s Pet Paw Cleaner was made just for you! The Paw Cleaner’s thick silicone bristles effectively remove even the most stubborn bits of dirt and mud, that often hide under the fingernails and between the pads, leaving your doggo happy and clean.  Suitable for medium-large dogs, weighing up to 150 lbs. It measures 6.5 inches/16.5 cm tall, 4 inches/10.2 cm wide.

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    1. Tessa

      This thing is amazing!! Every later winter/early spring, our yard takes some time to thicken back up. So there are always muddy areas in our yard that my dogs would love to just run through. We would spend 20min with a bucket of water and a wash cloth to wash both of their feet. Now with this, it takes 5min tops!

      Customer Images

      Image #1 from Tessa
    2. Denise Jones

      Nice toy for a dog. Our dog loves it and hasn’t stopped playing with it since we got it. The quality seems nice and durable for chewing. Ours is constantly wanting to play fetch with it.

      Customer Images

      Image #1 from Denise Jones
      Image #2 from Denise Jones
    3. Ciara

      Works great!! My dog is sensitive about having his feet touched but he actually seems to enjoy the way this feels in his paws!!

    4. Lynn Albert

      We have a messy lab and live in a very rainy state so muddy floors and car seats seemed inevitable until we found this! And he doesn’t seem to mind it too much! Easy to clean, easy to use

    5. Jon D.

      My dog hates this thing and tries to bite me every time I use it but there is not mud all over my floors and furniture so it’s worth it!

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    Suitable for: 10 lbs – 150 lbs dogs

    Product Package Dimension: Length – 6.3″/16cm , Width – 9.5cm , Height – 3.2″/8cm , Weight – 345g

    Color: Red/Blue/Green

    Material: Silicone and PP

    Package Include: 1 Pet Paw Cleaner

    Fill the paw cleaner’s cup with water, lukewarm is best. Lift pet’s paw, dip it in the paw cleaner and twist the cleaner around the paw from side to side. Pull paw out and dry it using a towel. Now and then, wash the Pet Paw Cleaner with soap and water.

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    Questions and Answers

    Is this really just for dog paws?

    It could be used for any pets or anything else that you might need to scrub on a very soft rubber. Certainly not suitable for boots or anything larger in circumference than a dog’s paw and lower leg. You could use for cats too, the bristles are very soft and flexible.

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    Are the bristles too soft/flimsy to really clean a paw?

    No, if it was stiffer it would hurt his paws. They don’t really scrub the paws clean, but they get a fair amount of loose mud and dirt off with a couple of twists. Dogs seem to enjoy putting their paws in the warm water

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    Is this dog paw cleaner easy to clean?

    yes, it's very easy to clean.

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