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    Go Animals Pet Grooming Gloves


    Does your furry friend get nervous around Deshedding brushes? Go Animals Pet Grooming Gloves are, HANDS DOWN, the best solution for you. The glove’s 259 silicone tips allow you to gently pet off loose hair, dirt, and debris before they get a chance to spread all over the home, saving you a lot of cleaning. The soft silicone tips gently massage the pet’s skin and stimulate the distribution of natural oils, leaving your pet with a healthy radiant coat. Made from durable pet-friendly materials, and works on both dry and wet hair, this innovative product is guaranteed to fit you and your pet like a glove.

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    Right glove
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    1. Rachel SD

      Just when I was about to give up on ever grooming my pooch, I saw the ad for these on Facebook. They really do work great! My Rottie gets so nervous around grooming brushes, but with these, he even seems to enjoy getting groomed

    2. Amy

      My pooch went from throwing a tantrum every time I’m trying to groom him, to coming back begging for more thanks to these gloves! I will definitely order more of your products in the future

    3. Leo B

      Worked much better than I had expected! Is really great as it does pull the loose hair off your pet while you are massaging them. My dogs had no objection and I was amazed at how easy it was to get the hair off the glove. I wish I had known about this long ago!

    4. Thomas J

      This works very well, better than a regular brush. Definitely gets most of the shedding hair off your pet and the hair that’s about to shed

    5. Yana

      Oh, my goodness! These gloves are amazing. Having recently adopted an 18 year-old cat, we are now a four cat household and our apartment was getting oh, so hairy. So far, three of our four cats have fallen in love with being groomed with these gloves. Sometimes, they express a little hesitation initially but start purring very quickly and then move into the caress, showing that they enjoy the experience. Our most affectionate cat, Jasper, even turns this way and that as if to ask that I stroke him all over.

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    Wear the gloves just like any ordinary pair, and fasten the strap around your wrist. Gently stroke your pet and remove loose hair and dirt from its coat. Every once in a while, stop to clean the loose hair caught between glove’s tips.

    Product Package Dimension: Length – 30cm , Width – 20cm , Height – 1.5cm , Weight: 123g/67g

    Size: Pair/Single. 

    Material: Plastic, TPP, SCP

    Package Include: Pair – 2 Pet Grooming Glove Right hand + Left hand , Single – 1 Pet Grooming Glove Right hand

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    How do I clean hair off the gloves?

    It just peels off in a mat.

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    What sizes are available?

    One size only

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    How often you need to use it ?

    I’m trying to groom them every day. They love it! I don’t get the volume of fur I did on the first grooming but it’s still significant. It has drastically reduced the amount of fur left on furniture.

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