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    Go Animals Pet Grooming Gloves

    Does your furry friend get nervous around traditional grooming tools? Go Animals’ Pet Grooming Gloves are, hands down, the best solution for you. The glove’s 259 silicone tips gently pet off loose hair, dirt, and debris before they get a chance to spread all over the house, saving you a lot of cleaning. The soft silicone tips gently massage the pet’s skin and stimulate the distribution of natural oils, leaving your pet with a healthy radiant coat. Made from durable pet-friendly materials, and works on both dry and wet hair. This innovative solution is guaranteed to fit you and your pet like a glove.

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    Customer Reviews
    1. Yana

      These gloves work wonders for my long-haired German Shepherd puppy. My puppy is 11 months old and sheds like crazy. The gloves are perfect because my puppy does not like being brushed by those rough brushes and tries to bite them. With the gloves she doesn’t care as much.

    2. John E

      Removes hair like a champ! Puppy loves it since she is allowed on the bed now!
      I have a 4 month old husky pup (Sasha) that just started shedding. I have a furminator, but unfortunately she really is too young for that and she hates being brushed, even when brushed lightly to avoid touching her skin.

    3. Marissa G.

      It’s not just a great idea, it actually works great too! I just finished deshedding my 5-year old rescue Golden and it went without any issues or resistance, he just stood still calm and relaxed.

    4. Cathy L. Baurkot

      My hands are really small so they move around inside the gloves a lot when I use them. My hubby’s hands are average-big and it fits him perfectly so I guess I’m the problematic one…

    5. Lily Ho

      My dog never ever lets me use any kind of grooming tools on him but I managed to fool him with these. He didn’t show any signs of discomfort and the gloves are great at de-shedding him. You should definitely get it if your dog hates grooming – it’s a great little gadget.

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    1. Wear the gloves just like any ordinary pair, and fasten the strap around your wrist.

    2. Gently stroke your pet and remove loose hair and dirt from its coat.

    3. Occasionally stop to clean the loose hair caught between the glove’s tips.

    • Works on both wet and dry hair.
    • Suitable for a large variety of pets, including cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, and more.
    • The gloves 259 silicone tips massage the pet and promote a healthy topcoat.
    • Dries quickly thanks to the breathable mesh material.
    • A perfect solution for pets who get nervous around de-shedding brushes.
    • Prevents shedding by up to 90%.
    • Prevents bad odor.

    height: 11.8″/30cm, width: 7.9″/20cm, length: 11.8″/30cm, total weight: 4.3oz/123g – Materials: Plastic, TPP, SCP

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    As a company committed to its customer’s satisfaction, Go Animals want you to LOVE your new pet products. If you are not fully satisfied with our product, let us know, and we will make our best efforts to resolve any issue. Go Animals will gladly return, exchange, or cancel a purchase, and offer you store credit, a replacement item, or a refund (excluding the shipping fees).

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    Questions and Answers

    Can I use these while bathing my dog?

    Yes, the gloves can be used to groom both wet and dry dogs.

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    Does it come as a pair?

    The gloves are sold both separately and as a pair.

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    Can it also be used for grooming cats rabbits or other smaller pets?

    Yes. As long as you're gentle enough, there's no reason not to use these gloves to groom any species of pet.

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    Is there a risk of overgrooming my pet?

    No, but with that being said, you should be attentive and pay attention to your pet's reactions when grooming it.

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    Are these gloves bite or scratch resistant?

    No, they are not.

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    Are the gloves machine washable?

    Yes they are, just leave them to air dry after.

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