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    Go Animals Guillotine Nail Trimmer

    Overgrown nails could cause serious pain and injury, with Go Animals Guillotine Nail Trimmer, make proper and easy nail-care a part of your best friend’s grooming routine, featuring a high-quality stainless-steel double-bladed guillotine-style cutter for a long-lasting, sharp cutting edge, in one swift movement. The vinyl grip is designed to fit comfortably in either hand and help you keep a steady grip while trimming, The plastic nail trapper will catch nail clippings for easy cleanup.

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    1. T. Miles

      I originally ordered these for my 2-month old kitten, but when it arrived I saw that it’s way too big for her. I thought about returning it but when I tried it on my 55-pound Golden it worked so well that I chose not to. It’s very sharp, the quality seems to be good, and it feels like it’s going to last for a while, unlike the other ones I used before.

    2. Isabel L.

      I was kind of scared to use these at first as they are VERY sharp, but I got the hang of it after a while. The only problem I have with these is that I wish they weren’t made from plastic. I think it would have made them much more durable. As far as functionality goes though, they do the job quickly and easily without any issues.

    3. Corey

      I trim my dog’s nails once a week so having a good trimmer is a must for me. After going through several different ones, this is the best I’ve found (so far). It’s sharp, sturdy, doesn’t slip, and does the job in a couple of minutes. There’s no need to get any fancy $30 clippers – these are way better and way cheaper

    4. Kimberly Boyle

      Our pooch gets skittish whenever he sees we bought a new grooming tool, especially those who go near his feet, but with this one there was no fuss. It’s sharp and does the job quickly and effortlessly

    5. Alan w. Smith.

      My rottweiler usually gets nervous around grooming tools, but these clippers did the job so quickly and effortlessly that it was over before he got the chance to put up a fight. Great buy!

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      Image #1 from Alan w. Smith.
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    Product Package Dimension: Length – 12cm , Width – 23cm , Height – 2.7cm , Weight – 99g

    Color: Blue

    Material: Hardened Stainless Steel, TPE & PP Green material

    Package Include: 1 Guillotine Style Pet Nail Trimmer

    Holding your pet’s paw securely, fit each nail at a time into trimmer and clip just below the delicate bloodline, where color of nail turns from whitish to pinkish. Remove clipped nails from trimmer’s nail trapper. Giving your pet treats while clipping will create positive association making the process enjoyable.

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