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    Go Animals Flea And Tick Collar

    Is your furry friend itching for attention? With Go Animals’ Flea and Tick Collar, you can rest assured knowing it’s the only thing he’ll be itching for. The adjustable collar contains a non-toxic, water-resistant, and odorless formula that naturally spreads across the pet’s coat, shielding it against uninvited guests like ticks, fleas, and lice, for 8 itch-free months. The next time your furry friends are itching like crazy, leave it to the Flea and Tick Collar, to keep pests off your pets!

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    $1499 $450

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    23 reviews
    Customer Reviews
    1. Amy I.

      The first time I tried to make my doggo wear it, he ran away to the other room and hid under the sofa… It took some convincing but he finally allowed me to put it on him and it works great! We’ve been using it for the past 7 months without any issues. I now returned to get a new one as this one’s starting to wear off.

    2. Donna

      My dog had around 20 ticks on him after our last camping trip. I had only found a few of them when I ordered the collar. When I got it the next day I immediately put it on. By that night the ticks were barley holding on and I was able to easily find and remove them. My dog has had the collar on for about a week and it still smells very strong and seems to be working even though he’s been swimming with it on a few times.

    3. Robin C

      It’s a great product, especially for this price. I presume it will be effective given the smell upon opening. My dog doesn’t seem to mind it at all and the smell faded a bit after wearing it for a few hours.

    4. Phil Dambach

      Pleasant smell, works wonders for ticks but not so much for fleas. It helps

    5. Bella

      I’m sure this product works fine in terms of prevention but in my case, my dog already had fleas when I purchased this. I was hoping it would kill the fleas she had and prevent new ones. Rating 4 stars because I’m sure it does a fine job a flea & tick prevention.

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    1. Loosely fasten the collar around your pet’s neck, leaving enough room to fit 2 fingers between the collar and the neck.

    2. Cut off any excess lengths, leaving between 1-2 inches for future adjustments.

    • 8 months of flea, tick, and lice protection.
    • Non-toxic and pet safe.
    • Water-resistant.
    • Odorless.
    • One-size-fits-all design that’s easy to adjust.

    height: 1.3″/3.4cm, diameter: 4”/10cm, weight: 1.8oz/52g

    Color: Gray

    Active Ingredients: Lemon Eucalyptus – 3% ,Lavender Oil – 3% ,Linaloe Oil – 6%

    Orders are processed within 12-24 hours, after which a shipment confirmation email will be sent, along with a tracking number.

    Go Animals proudly offers standard fast 1-4 day shipping to any destination within the U.S, and 8-18 day shipping for international orders. Orders placed on Fridays after 1:00 PM will be processed and dispatched on the following Monday.

    Payment for orders that fail to arrive within 12 business days will be fully refunded, excluding shipping fees. Go Animals will cover any damage that occurs during shipping, within 60 days from the date of receipt.

    As a company committed to its customer’s satisfaction, Go Animals want you to LOVE your new pet products. If you are not fully satisfied with our product, let us know, and we will make our best efforts to resolve any issue. Go Animals will gladly return, exchange, or cancel a purchase, and offer you store credit, a replacement item, or a refund (excluding the shipping fees).

    Need a quick answer? Feel free to email us at shop@goanimals.co

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    Questions and Answers

    Does it kill mites too?

    While we can't guarantee that it will, mites are from the same family as ticks, so it's quite likely that they would also be affected by the active ingredients in the collar.

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    Do I need a vet prescription to use it?


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    How long does it take the collar to start repelling and killing fleas, ticks, and lice?

    The active ingredients begin to work after 24 hours.

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    How can I know if the collar isn't too tight?

    You should be able to fit two fingers between the pet's neck and the collar.

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    Is the formula greasy?

    No. It's not greasy.

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    Can I take my dog to the beach or bath him while he's wearing the collar?

    Yes, it's water-resistant.

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