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    Go Animals Chew Treat Ball

    26 Reviews

    Whether playing or training, your dog will love it! Just fill this uniquely designed ball with treats or food between its silicone thorns and let them run. Simple use, super easy clean and big fun! The product made by extra-tough rubber, good elasticity, bite-resistant and nontoxic, non-abrasive, safe for your sweet dog grinding and cleaning their teeth. Perfect for medium-large dogs in sizes up to 120 lbs.

    $1499 $999

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    1. Albert Bosshart

      This toy really helped clean my dogs teeth and got rid of his bad breath! Just stuff some kibble into the grooves.

    2. David Smith

      Absolutely love these balls! I started by putting in kibble, which my puppy loved, but now I often fill the core with peanut butter or yogurt and freeze it. When it’s empty, he still chews and keeps his teeth clean. Would definitely buy again.

    3. P. Franzke

      I put some food in one ball and usually freeze PB in the other over night to keep my GSD busy in his kennel through out the day! So far he hasn’t chewed them up or destroyed them!

    4. L.A. Brown

      Great for occupying our puppy when we leave, he loves trying to get the kibble out. They’ve lasted every day use and work great.

      Customer Images

      Image #1 from L.A. Brown
      Image #2 from L.A. Brown
    5. C. Stone

      I would definitely make this purchase again. Sure will be telling my dog lover friends about this “toy”. He loves it. I think it’s good to keep him stimulated and I give him positive reinforcement as he plays with it. Love this as much as he does.

      Customer Images

      Image #1 from C. Stone
      Image #2 from C. Stone
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    Place tasty treats, or nuggets of your pet’s regular food,between the chew treat ball’s teeth.
    Play with your pet throwing the ball around or just allow them to pass time enjoyably retrieving and eating the treats wedged in it. Clean the ball using warm water and soap.

    NONTOXIC MATERIAL: the product is made by extra-tough rubber, good elasticity, bite-resistant and nontoxic,non-abrasive, safe for your sweet dog grinding and cleaning their teeth.

    Product Package Dimension: Diameter 8cm , Height – 8cm .Product Weight – 177g

    Color: Red/Light Blue/Green

    Material: Healthy and environmental protection of the natural rubber

    Package Include: 1 Chew Treat Ball

    Orders processed within one business day. Shipment confirmation email sent with a tracking number.

    Delivery time between 7-18 business days.

    Go Animals will cover any damages that happen to the product during the shipping within 45 days from the purchase date. Please save all packaging materials and damaged goods before contacting us.

    In order to request returns just get in contact at [email protected], mark you order number and date of delivery, and your return will be investigated. If the order is damaged we offer either an exchange to a new item or a full amount coupon for future use or a full refund.

    Refunds can be returned only to the same method of the order payment, or if chosen, by store credit that never expires.


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    Questions and Answers

    Has anyone used these for cats? Are cats able to get the treats out okay?

    Yes, the Chew Treat Ball fits for cats too. Cats able to get the treats out if you don't put the treats all the way in.

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    My dog is not chewing at all. What treats do you use?

    Squeeze cheese, peanut butter, cream cheese, yogurt, anything that gets between the little rubber teeth. But most dogs will lick it to get the food out.

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    Can the toy be filled with pet toothpaste?

    We don’t see why not, as long as the toothpaste is edible and safe to eat in that quantity.

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    Can it be frozen?

    This Chew Treat Ball is made of very durable plastic, so yes - that will work!

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    How long can this entertain a puppy?

    We put about 10-12 training treats in the teeth and a little cream cheese in the hole. It takes our Papillon about 30 minutes to dig out all the treats.

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    My pup loves mint. Is the smell recognizable as actual mint?


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