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    Go Animals Self-Playing Rubber Ball Toy

    Returned home to find your sofa chewed up? Next time you’re gone give your pooch something more appropriate to chew on with The Self-Playing Rubber Ball Toy. The toy’s suction cup firmly secures the ball in place and can easily resist even the strongest chewing, pulling, and biting. Chewing on the ball relieves stress, and reduces destructive behaviors while cleaning and strengthening the dog’s teeth. Suitable for small-medium dogs, and made from non-toxic, BPA free, and durable materials.

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    Customer Reviews
    1. Jack S.

      My 4-year old Border Collie mix loves to chew on this thing. The suction cup is really strong and he only managed to get it loose once. Go Animals didn’t cut any corners on this one – the materials are top of the line, the design is very good and the product is very durable. It’s a buy!

    2. Mandy Leonhart

      My 2 year old golden gets clingy and we wanted to teach him to be independent and play by himself. I ordered a treat ball and the website suggested this self playing ball. My Golden LOVES it and plays with it for hours! The rope that’s attaches the ball to the suction cup thing is really strong so there’s no risk of it ripping. It’s a great product.

    3. Robert

      My timid 5-month-old rescue pup was happy when I worked from home during the lockdown, but now that I had to return to work from the office, he’d had a bit of a regression. I don’t know what I would do without this self playing ball, it’s an absolute lifesaver. It does a perfect job of distracting my pooch from my departure. Sometimes he’ll still be playing with it when I return from work.

    4. Nick V.

      Our 2-year-old Golden Retriever had destructive tendencies whenever he’d be left alone. After consulting our vet, who suggested medicating him, we started to look for alternatives online. This was one of them, and so far, its been the most effective. Milo takes all of his frustration and stress out on the ball instead of on our sofas. It also helps distract he’s attention when we’re leaving. I’d say it definitely eased his separation anxiety over the two months we’ve been using it. Thank you!

    5. Misti Diane

      Our 1-year-old rescue had some anxiety issues whenever he’d be left alone. We bought this toy thinking we have nothing to lose. We didn’t expect it to work this well! Our doggo hadn’t chewed our sofa once since we got the self playing toy, and he seems much more relaxed. I’d recommend it to anyone with a nervous doggo at home!

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    1. Secure the toy in place by pushing the suction cup against a strong flat surface

    2. Let your dog occupy himself by pulling, chewing, and biting the ball

    3. If your dog eventually frees the ball, feel free to allow him to continue playing

    * You can familiarize your dog with the toy, by playing interactive games like fetch and tug before leaving him to play with it on his own

    • The strong suction cup firmly secures the toy on any flat surface and allows dogs to occupy themselves for long periods of time.
    • Reduces destructive behaviors and symptoms of separation anxiety.
    • Biting and chewing are natural behaviors that relieve stress.
    • Strengthens and cleans the dog’s teeth.
    • Encourages the dog to exercise.
    • Made from food-grade non-toxic materials.

    Height: 4″/10cm, width: 8″/20cm, length: 11.5″/29cm, weight: 8.5oz/245g

    Color: blue/light blue/red

    Materials: silicone and PP

    Orders are processed within 12-24 hours, after which a shipment confirmation email will be sent, along with a tracking number.

    Go Animals proudly offers standard fast 2-7 day shipping to any destination within the U.S, and 10-26 day shipping for international orders. Orders placed on Fridays after 1:00 PM will be processed and dispatched on the following Monday.

    Payment for orders that fail to arrive within 14 business days will be fully refunded, excluding shipping fees. Go Animals will cover any damage that occurs during shipping, within 60 days from the date of receipt.

    As a company committed to its customer’s satisfaction, Go Animals want you to LOVE your new pet products. If you are not fully satisfied with our product, let us know, and we will make our best efforts to resolve any issue. Go Animals will gladly return, exchange, or cancel a purchase, and offer you store credit, a replacement item, or a refund (excluding the shipping fees).

    Need a quick answer? Feel free to email us at [email protected]

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    Questions and Answers

    Can it be used for puppies?

    The ball is too large to fit in puppies’ mouth and is more suitable for medium-large dogs.

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    What is it made of?

    The toy is made from non-toxic food-grade silicone.

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    I bought this to occupy my dog while I'm away from home, but he's not interested in it. How can I get him to play with it?

    Try familiarizing your dog with the toy first. You can do this by playing fetch or tug of war, before leaving him to play with it alone. If that doesn't work, you can also try spreading peanut butter on the ball to make it more appealing to the dog.

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    I have a strong dog, how can I know if he's not too big to play with this?

    The ball is suitable for all dogs under 40lbs / 18kg.

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    How does it help ease signs of separation anxiety?

    First of all, playing with the ball distracts dogs from their owner’s departure. Secondly, chewing is a natural behavior that helps dogs calm themselves down, which is why dogs with separation anxiety often chew on their owner’s belongings. Chewing on the ball helps dogs channel their destructive behavior to one that calms them down, without damaging anything.

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    My dog managed to get the toy loose, is it dangerous?

    No. There's no danger in playing with the toy after it got loose, just make sure that your dog isn't chewing the suction cup.

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