Pregnant Dog Waits By Her Owner’s House Not Realizing She Has Been Abandoned

When the founder of Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue, Tania Cappelluti spotted a pregnant dog sitting by the door of her owner’s home, she realized she was abandoned. 

She discovered that they moved out and left her behind to get along all by herself. The uncompassionate owners didn’t even leave her food and water. 

Since the poor pooch, Marie, was used to have a home, she didn’t know how to fend for herself and find food on the streets. She waited there for days hoping that her family would come back one day. 

Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue

It is well-known that dogs love their owners more than they love themselves, but there’s no reasonable excuse to abandon your doggo. 
The rescuer talked to the neighbors and notified them she was taking Marie. Cappelluti started to look for a foster to take care of the pregnant pooch. Luckily, a compassionate man who has been fostering Cappelluti’s rescue pets, Wynn Mackey, decided to help the hapless doggie and foster her.

Wynn took good care of her. He made a special bed for her to get some rest before she gives birth. 

Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue

After a while, sweet Marie welcomed into the world seven adorable puppies. Happily, they were all healthy and at safety. Wynn took care of the canine family, and Marie is an incredible mommy who nurses her babies beautifully.

Once the puppies are weaned, they will be ready for adoption.

Here’s the video of the adorable pups:

God bless Cappelluti and Wynn for making the world a better place.

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