Pregnant Cat Asks To Be Let Inside To Deliver Her Babies

When it came time for this adorable pregnant stray cat to deliver her babies, she knew exactly where to go.

Ida Floreak

Everything began when the stray cat, now named Salami, spotted Ida Floreak’s cat hanging around her backyard, about a year ago. Floreak, a painter who lives in New Orleans, allowed the kitty to hang out in her backyard and play with her cat. Salami kept returning to the woman’s house and showed a special interest in her cat. They played for hours at a time. The kind woman knew she couldn’t just feed her own cat, so she fed Salami as well.

The Pregnant Cat Asked To be Let In To Deliver Her Babies
Ida Floreak

It wasn’t long before the stray cat began showing up on her back porch every day. She meowed at the door asking for a free meal, which she got every single day. Despite the woman’s kind gesture of goodwill, Salami was still frightened of her. Floreak didn’t really mind the fact that the cat was afraid of her. That was until she noticed that the feline’s belly was getting bigger. She tried to lure the cat into the house, hoping to get her checked by a vet, but without success. Although still being somewhat skittish around Floreak, Salami did allow the woman to come near her, as her pregnancy progressed.

The Pregnant Cat Was Let In To Deliver Her Babies
Ida Floreak
Thankfully The Pregnant Cat Successfully Deliver Her Babies
Ida Floreak

Then, one early April morning, Salami came to the woman’s porch much earlier than usual. It was around 5 in the morning when the feline meowed loudly and scratched the door, asking to be let in. Floreak knew that it was time for the pregnant cat to deliver her babies. Floreak put together a makeshift bed from a few blankets and made her bedroom nice and quiet for the feline. It was around 8 in the morning when Salami gave birth to two adorable baby kittens. Salami seemed comfortable and relaxed, so Floreak assumed that she had finished delivering.

Ida Floreak

Later that evening, around 8 pm, while Floreak was on a zoom conference call, the feline gave birth to two more kittens. Being under quarantine, Salami and her four kittens enjoyed the woman’s uninterrupted attention for two months. Floreak since found loving forever homes for all 4 kittens. Their mother, Salami, isn’t going anywhere though. She’ll be staying in Floreak’s house with her new mother and feline best friend.

Ida Floreak

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