Precious Piglet Thinks She’s A Dog And It’s As Adorable As It Sounds

Let’s admit it – animals with an identity crisis, that full-heartedly believe they are of a different species, are adorable. Olive, a precious newborn little piglet that thinks she’s a dog, is no exception.

It all started when Alissa and Nick Childs, a couple from Sydney, Australia, wanted to fulfill their lifelong dream of owning a pet pig. Their fantasy became achievable after they’ve moved to a farm, and finally had the room to raise a piglet properly. Adopting the piglet was “a risky leap of faith” for the couple, as they’ve already owned 3 dogs and were expecting their firstborn son at the time. They were naturally concerned that their diverse gang wouldn’t get along. As it turned out, the Childs had nothing to worry about – After spending most of her life with her canine brothers, Olive the piglet truly thinks that she’s a dog.

Alissa and Nick had no way of foreseeing how well the piglet will fit into their gang. It almost seemed like the dogs were more excited to welcome Olive into the family than them. Their French Bulldog Lola instantly became the piglet’s adoptive mom and taught her everything she knows. The piglet plays with her canine siblings all day, naps with them, and whenever someone dares to come too close to the gate, Olive rushes with her brothers to bark at them.

Check out these pictures of the adorable family. It seems that the dogs don’t realize that Olive is a piglet too!

Watch Inside Edition’s video on Olive the adorable piglet here:

Feel free to visit the Child’s Instagram page and check out their latest adventure. We guarantee you won’t regret it, click here.

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