Pool Repairman Performs CPR On Drowning Squirrel

Many creatures could find themselves in some sticky situations and we are the ones to blame in many of the times. After all, highways, electricity cables and such aren’t an organic part of nature – we put them in the heart of animals’ habitats.

And due to the various changes, wildlife often gets hurt. What happened recently in Phoenix, Arizona is a good example for this; a poor squirrel was found drowning in a pool, fighting for his life.

Meet Rick Gruber, a renowned pool repairman who went to work one day and had another thing coming.He was called by a family to install a pool heater in their pool. Rick happily accepted the call and headed the house. When he arrived he started preparing his tools, and getting ready for the job when suddenly he started hearing some weird splashing and swirling sounds.

The incredible pool repairman was ready to act and went outside to see what was going on.

When he was near the pool, Rick was shocked to discover a helpless squirrel squishing in the water, trying to hang on to dear life. The right course of action seemed incredibly clear; Rick sprang into action and jumped into the swimming pool, to save the poor squirrel, who was already starting to lose consciousness. 

He quickly pulled the sweet squirrel out of the water, but noticed that the little fella wasn’t even breathing anymore!

Rick knew he was the only one able to save his life, so he started performing CPR on the little guy. He tried to be as gentle as possible, and avoided the squirrel’s mouth, due to the risk of catching diseases.

After the CPR and a lot of effort, the tiny squirrel was brought back to life. He finally began breathing, and Rick was utterly relieved. 

Rick spent about an hour with the squirrel until he calmed down and recuperated from the ordel. He was happy to see that the tiny squirrel was fine again and wished that he would be well and keep himself out of trouble.

The brave pool repairman stated that he would’ve performed CPR on anyone and anything because all lives matter.

After Rick saw that the squirrel was doing better, he wanted to treasure the moment by documenting to the sweet squirrel who was just A-OK. 

Watch the sweet squirrel brought back to life! 

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