Pooch’s Smells Late Owner’s Scent In His Clothes After 6 Years And Refuses To Stop Snuggling

A sweet dog named Paquito from Mexico tugged at the social media heartstrings when she came across her late owner’s clothing.

Her display of love and loyalty touches people around the world.

Paquito is a friendly dog who loves being around people. But she and her beloved dad, who battled sickness and passed away back in 2012, were undivided. 

Evlyn Castro, Paquito’s family member, tweeted two videos of the adorable pooch snuggling into her dad’s pieces of clothing. 

Castro laid on the floor his clothing for drying after they got wet during a storm and the dog couldn’t stop cuddling up with it. 

Here’s the first touching video:

Although it had been six years ago, Paquito still remembers her favorite human’s scent. Paquito’s owner loved her so much; he used to take her everywhere, and he was her best partner in crime. 

Seemingly, the doggo was still heartbroken by the loss of her beloved companion and refused to let go of his clothing that still smelled like him. 

Everyone was shocked that he was able to feel the scent after so long and got so emotional over it. The tweet has drawn over 19K reactions, moving many netizens around the world. 

Watch the second moving video below:

lthough Paquito misses her late owner, she is still a happy dog who is well-taken care of and is surrounded by people who love her unconditionally.

We are happy for Paquito that although her owner passed, she still has family that showers her with love and will never leave her.

A similar story of a heartbroken dog who lies down on his mother’s tombstone whimpering has made its round on social media. 

Wiley is a sweet pooch who had a close bond to his beloved owner, Gladys, who passed away several years ago. When they parted ways, Wiley was devasted and could barely contain the pain. 

The moving video has amassed over 9 million views, and people are left heartbroken by the touching video.

It was posted on the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center’s (LARC) website, and they wrote: “She [Glady] will be forever missed, especially by Wiley.” 

Over 3,000 netizens commented on the moving video and expressed their emotions.

Here’s the emotional video:

It is incredible to see that animals grieve and mourn their loved ones as much as we do.

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