Pooch Isn’t Afraid To Let Wife Know That Husband Belongs To Her

Like almost any other dog, Bristol has endless amounts of love to give, but it all seems to go to one person – her dad Nathan McNeese. The cheeky pooch isn’t afraid to let Nathan’s wife, Alicia, know that her husband really belongs to her.

Despite being raised by the two ever since she was a little pup, Bristol doesn’t see her pack as a trio. As far as she’s concerned, they’ve always been a duo – Nathan and her. And the tiny dog is not very keen to share Nathan’s attention with others, including with her very own momma. Bristol even developed a special look, that’s meant to scare Alicia away from her hubby:

If you’re looking for additional proof of this unusual competition for Nathan’s attention, just look at the video below. It was during a recent road trip. Alicia was resting her head on Nathan’s shoulder, and the moment she lifted her head, clingy Bristol quickly replaced her. Watch the hilarious moment here:


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