Police Officers Spot an Adorable Dog Driving a Mini Car

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, life always has a way of surprising you. That’s exactly what two local police officers thought when they spotted something peculiar during their usual patrol.

The two cops, who serve in Heidelberg West, Australia, couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw a cute doggy driving a motorized mini car!

The police officers knew that they had to investigate, so they stepped out of the car and went over to have a chat with the little canine and check his driving license. 

When they reached the car, the only ticket they could’ve given the pup was for being too adorable! They petted the friendly canine and wondered how he was driving a car all by himself.

The answer wasn’t too far behind. A moment later, the pooch’s owner appeared, with a remote controller and a big smile on his face. He explained that his dog, Buddy, is deaf and blind, so he needs help getting around town. 

Buddy’s owner wanted him to feel free and enjoy the outdoors, so he purchased the car for him. Now, Buddy and his owner stroll through the town in chic, and Buddy loves every minute of it.

The police officers had to give Buddy a warning since he was driving without a license and asked him to stay this sweet and charming.

The incident made the police officers’ day and we hope it will make your day too!

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