Police Officer Saves And Adopts An Abused Dog

The police put a tremendous effort trying to stop animal abuse, but police officers don’t necessarily get the credit they deserve.

It was June 2014 when the Cleveland Police Department was contacted regarding a dog abuse. They were alerted about a man brutally hitting a helpless Pit Bull using brick in the middle of the street.

Cleveland Police Dept/Facebook

The dedicated police officers rushed to the scene and the poor dog named Harvard jumped right into the police car as if he knew they were there to rescue him. They were surprised to see that despite the abuse he went through, he was still friendly.

Cleveland Police Dept/Facebook

But one officer, Brandon Melbar, couldn’t just let him to live in a lonely cage. He wanted to show him that there were good people out there as well.

The compassionate police officer decided to foster the abused doggo knowing that people don’t tend to adopt Pit Bulls. It didn’t take long for Melbar to fall in love with Harvard and adopt him.

Cleveland Police Dept/Facebook

Melbar and Harvard’s story is incredibly heartwarming but fortunately, Melbar wasn’t the only hero in the Cleveland police department.

You can see in the picture below John Lyons, a police officer who took home a pregnant distressed dog lying next to her trying to comfort her. He decided to keep her and her puppies.

Cleveland Police Dept/Facebook

As Melbar took him under his wings, he was medically treated. 

Cleveland Police Dept/Facebook

He is now a healthy happy dog who knows how it is to live a normal peaceful life.

Cleveland Police Dept/Facebook

Melbar and  Lyons are heroes and we hope to hear more about police officers who go above and beyond to save miserable dogs’ lives.

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