Police Officer Rescues A Pup And Makes Sure She Is Safe And Sound

It was just another regular shift when Police Officer Kareem Garibaldi from Lakeland, Florida saw a surprising object crossing the road. As soon as he realized it was a puppy, he pulled over and rushed into action. He looked around to see whether the mixed Boxer/Pit Bull puppy belonged to someone, but no one seemed to show up. 

He couldn’t leave her on the side of the roadway all by herself, and so he took her to his cop car and decided to spend the rest of his shift looking for the pup’s owner. 

After a while, he stopped by the SPCA Florida Medical Center so she could be treated. But for PO Garibaldi it wasn’t the end of his job, he got there around 8:45 AM, and decided to stay by her side till it was her turn to be checked.

Lakeland PD

There were other patients ahead of them, and he refused to go back to his routine and leave her alone. And so, the compassionate PO stayed to watch her and took a nap after a long 12-hour shift, and she felt safe and sound beside him, so she did the same.

Lakeland PD

A staff member witnessed the cute moment and knew she had to capture it.

The Lakeland Police Department shared on Facebook:

“Later that day, the puppy found a new home. It’s the kind-hearted officers like this that makes the Lakeland Police Department truly unique.”

The PO did above and beyond to make sure she wasn’t alone until she was at safety. He waited there till noon, when her turn arrived and he said goodbye and left the clinic. The heart-melting picture quickly went viral because the PO’s act of kindness is more than inspiring. 

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