Police Officer Rescues A Husky And Asks His Wife To Keep Him

It was meant to be.

When the Lawrence Police Department got a call that a dog was stuck on a fence, they rushed to the scene. The police officers from Lawrence, Indiana saw a helpless husky, all alone, tied to a fence with no way to walk around and stretch his muscles, it was clear that he was abandoned.


The neighbors who called the police said that he had been there for a while. Luckily the dog was left under a tree that provided him shade. It was about 80 degrees, and he had no water, he could have gotten dehydrated if it wasn’t a shaded spot.

The cops had to check whether the poor dog was friendly or aggressive and so they reached out to him, and he was so happy to see them, he couldn’t stop wagging his tail. They realized he was the most adorable pooch!


One of the officers, Stuart Bishop, had completely fallen in love with the doggo. The husky couldn’t stop kissing Bishop and thanking him for the rescue.


Bishop decided to take pictures of the rescue dog and tuck his wife into bringing him home forever.


Animal Control said that he had to wait for a few days to give the dog’s owner a chance to come forward.

Both husky and the cup received a happy ending with each other. It was revealed on Live PD that he could keep the adorable four-legged pal.

Don’t miss the most adorable rescue on the video below:

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