Police Officer Makes Sure A Soaking Wet Pup Will Never Freeze Again

It was unusually cold outside, the day an officer found a tiny Pit Bull pup shivering on the streets. When an anonymous individual alerted animal control officers about a distressed puppy, they leaped into action.

The worried individual led them to a soaking wet pup that was freezing and terrified (as seen in the footage below). The police officers found her wedged between two rocks and immediately rescued her, took her into the police car, and warmed her up with a blanket. They also tried using their body heat and held her near the car’s vent so the warm air would warm her up too.

On the way to Halifax Humane Society, they kept her company and made sure they did the best they could to help her.

Kera Cantrell has been a member of the Daytona Beach Police Department for over two decades, and when she heard about the pup’s story, she started crying. Cantrell decided to visit Halifax during her lunch break. When she saw River, the rescue pup, she was heartbroken to see her crying in the kennel.

Cantrell put her to her chest, and River snuggled up to her and fell asleep. That was the moment they both found out they belonged together. She decided to take her in, but River was too young and needed to be bottle-fed.

The compassionate police officer went almost every day to spend time with her till she could finally bring her home. On the way home, River was ecstatic; she couldn’t stop licking her mom’s face as if she knew she was heading home.

River has become a part of the Cantrell family, which consists of 3 other rescue dogs: Mojo, Goose, Duck, and now, River too.

Cantrell wants to make sure River will never freeze again, so she dresses her in onesies and sweaters.

Unfortunately, there have been no leads on the incident andDaytona Beach Police Department calls people who have information about the case to contact them. Moreover, people who struggle taking care of a puppy should seek help (by contacting the police, for example) instead of abandoning it to fend for itself.

River’s mom believed that she would be an incredible therapy dog and she was right! River goes with her mom to work and bring joy into people’s life.

River grew in size and personality and she is an adorable adult canine who loves napping and playing. The affectionate pooch loves living with her dog siblings and her caring mother. She is constantly surrounded by people who love her and she got used to being the center of the attention.


Watch River’s journey video below:

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