Police Officer Gives a Pit Bull The Opportunity of a Lifetime After He Finds Her Chained up in The Snow

Kiah was begging for help in the snow when officer Justin Bruzgu rescued her. Now, they work together to fight crime. 

Every dog lover knows that dogs turn into the kind of companions that we raise them to be. While in many cases the breed brings special traits of character, it doesn’t define its heart.

Nevertheless, Pit Bulls have been dealing with a bad reputation their whole lives. Due to their large exterior physique and energy, people tend to think of them as dangerous wrongfully. 

Well, bless dog lovers everywhere, because one officer with a soft spot for Pit Bulls, decided to fight this wrong perception, one person at a time.

Officer Justin Bruzgul is a true hero. Recently, he saved Kiah the Pit Bull from a very tragic incident. 

It all began when Bruzgul was driving through town. Suddenly, he noticed a pup all chained up in the snow. He decided to investigate, and within a few minutes, he was already in front of poor, freezing Kiah. She was begging for help.

The moment their eyes met, Bruzgul saw sweet Kiah’s true colors. He knew instantly that she was a loyal, intelligent, and kind canine.

Bruzgul saved Kiah. However, his most significant gift to her was his fantastic career offer –  he decided to take her under his wing and train her to be a K9 officer.

Kiah excelled all her tests and became the first Pit Bull K9 officer in New York State!

Officer Bruzgul was right to help Kiah, she’s undoubtedly an incredible pup. Just like Kiah, all Pit Bulls are good, loyal canines in their very nature.

It took a few hours till Kiah and officer Bruzgul turned into the best friends. They make it their mission to educate others about the true nature of Pit Bulls. 

Because of their negative reputation, Pit Bulls are the most common breed at shelters. Once people learn about the Pit Bulls’ true potential, they will have a chance to find a forever home.

Moreover, since now it’s fairly known that Pit Bulls could make excellent K9 officers, police departments could turn to shelters and adopt plenty of dogs, that are just waiting for officers to train them to be the best they can be.

Nowadays, the police department pays about 20,000$ per police dog, so adopting free dogs would increase its budget significantly.

Instead of being euthanized for no good reason, many qualified Pit Bulls could find a new rewarding purpose in life. How amazing could that be?

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