Police Officer Fosters a Helpless Dog After Brutal Beating and Falls in Love

It’s hard to understand how people can be so cruel to animals. Many view the defenseless creatures as punching bags and forget that they actually have feelings, just like we do. 

To be honest, we believe that animals have much purer hearts than people, and you could verify it by their actions; a dog who wasn’t raised to attack, will never attack another person without being provoked. However, mankind is different, and could easily harm and mistreat animals without a second thought.

The Cleveland Police Department had encountered brutality towards a Pit Bull a while back and couldn’t believe the cruelty. The abuser used a brick to punch the dog and choke him for no reason!!! What an awful person! 

One police officer, a dog-lover himself, has decided to step up and help the dog get back on his feet. Shortly after, he fell in love with the canine and chose to become his forever human daddy.

The Cleveland Police Department had received word about an abusive attack against a poor pooch. The canine was quite friendly and jumped to the back of the squad car with joy and appreciation. One of the police officers took the occurrence to heart and decided to foster the adorable canine.

The officer knew that Pit Bulls usually don’t get adopted or fostered, and he wanted him to recover in a warm and loving environment.

Officer Brandon Melbar fostered Harvard, the Pit Bull, for a long time. Eventually, he fell in love with the sweet canine and decided to become his forever family!

The Cleveland Police Department is known to treat pets, and especially dogs, with love and respect. In another case, police officers had volunteered to sleep next to a pregnant and sick dog, to ease her mind and make her feel better.

Harvard, the Pit Bull, had made a full recovery.

It’s pure luck that Harvard and Brandon met. Thanks to Brandon, Harvard will have an amazing life from now on, and no one is more excited for him than us.

Let’s give it up for Brandon Melbar and the entire Cleveland police department, for protecting animals in need. We surely need more of these kinds of people in the world.

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