Police Officer Adopts The Puppy He Saved During A Drug Bust

With the stakes high, the shifts long, and the job so tiresome, it’s easy for some police officers to forget that they’re also there to protect those who walk on four. This next police officer isn’t one of them – the internet fell in love with him when hearing how he adopts the puppy he saved during a drug bust and gives him a warm home and a bright future.

A police officer by the name of Mike Lynes recently participated in a drug bust. While this was nothing out of the ordinary for the seasoned cop, something there caught his eye and changed his life forever.

Hours after the raid, the drug house was almost completely empty, and detectives were gathering evidence from the scene. No one seemed to notice that at the corner of the dark room was a tiny wet puppy, shivering from the chilling cold. No one except for officer Lynes of course.

Lynes scooped the helpless pup, wrapped her in blankets, and brought her back to the station. He fell in love with her almost instantly and was determined to give her a warm, loving, forever home. As the officer soon found, doing so wasn’t going to be as easy as he had thought.

The officer was forced to surrender the pup to animal control, in case the puppy’s rightful owner comes forward and claims her back. Over the next few days, the officer couldn’t get the pooch out of his head. He knew that she needed a warm home, and was determined to be the one who gives it to her. The second the mandatory hold time was over, Officer Lynes was the first in line to fill in the paper and take the pup home.

Lynes named the pup Daisy and was delighted to finally be able to give her the home and love she so desperately needed. No one knows what poor Daisy must have gone through in that dark and dirty house, but from now on, she’ll be in the safe and warm hands of Officer Lynes.

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