Famous Police K9 Survives Shooting And Gets A Warm Welcome Home

Arlo, a Thurston County police dog shocked his 1.5 million followers on TikTok recently when they saw how their beloved police k9 survives a shooting and recovers like the absolute living legend that he is.

Being so dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of others sadly means not caring for your own safety sometimes. Arlo, the police K9 in this story, knows this more than anybody else.

Arlo and his partner were heroically pursuing a wild armed driver. The chase came to an end, and the driver began violently shooting in all directions. The shooter injured himself and poor Arlo.

One bullet hit his leg, and another penetrated his shoulder and reached his neck. Arlo needed urgent medical attention, so officers rushed him to the nearest vet. The vet took care of the first gunshot in his leg, but couldn’t treat Arlo’s other, more severe bullet wound himself, so Arlo was rushed to another vet.

Arlo needed to undergo surgery, as the bullet was very close to his spine. Vets gave the poor doggo a 60% chance of survival. Thurston County deputies later said: “When they cleaned and inspected the bullet wound in the other leg, they were amazed at the lack of injury, saying that the bullet missed K-9 Arlo’s knee by less than a centimeter and that if it had hit the knee, amputation would have been likely,”

After several long and tiring months of recovery, Arlo was finally back on his feet! He still needed some assistance with walking, but the vets were shocked by how fast he recovered. Arlo’s colleagues decided to honor him with a warm and exciting welcoming.

One of the deputies later recalled: “Nearly the entire trip home K-9 Arlo and Deputy Turpin had a Police Escort with lights and sirens, starting from OSU by the OSU PD,” deputies wrote. “When Deputy Turpin and K-9 Arlo arrived home, they were greeted by neighbors, friends, firefighters, fellow K-9 handlers from multiple organizations from local and surrounding counties, and a multitude of law enforcement officers from all local agencies and surrounding county and police agencies. It was quite humbling! Arlo is currently at home resting with his family.”

Don’t miss Arlo’s warm welcome video! Click here to watch it.

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