Pizza Place Sends Out With Pizza Lost Pet Flyers

Losing a dog is one of the most horrible things an individual can go through. Losing a lot of sleep, contacting every shelter and rescue group in the area, looking everywhere and getting your heart broken are only an ounce of the feeling of losing a dog. 

Angelo’s, a great pizzeria in Matawan, New Jersey, came up with a brilliant idea of helping to reunite lost pets with their loving companions by putting lost pet flyers on its pizza boxes. The initiative was created to increase the chances to bring the lost pets back to their worried parents.

When the pizzeria owner, John Sanfratello saw a plead for help from a lady who was missing her beloved cat, Hazel, he decided to help pet owners. 

Sanfratello is a pet owner himself who knew the feeling of losing a pet. As he looked at one of the pizza boxes, he realized that he could make a real difference. He reached out to the lady who asked people to help her find her lost cat, and she gave him flyers to send out with pizzas.

Happily, the lady found her sweet cat before he sent them out but the motivation to help other pet owners didn’t go to waste.

Sanfrantello posted on Facebook an invitation to bring in flyers to the pizzeria in order for him to distribute them. The post has inspired people, and so far it has been shared more than 1.5K times.

Pet owners have brought Sanfrantello their flyers hoping to find their beloved pets.

The pizzeria owner hopes that his initiative will eventually help to reunite lost pets with their worried parents but he also encourages other restaurants to do the same.

The initiative has gone viral and even was published on ‘Good Morning America’.

Sanfrantello will continue helping pet parents as long as they need it. 

Angelo’s Pizza

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