Pitbull Calmly Watches Over Two Adorable Babies

Sadly many people still label Pitbulls as an aggressive and unpredictable breed, when in reality, their character is all down to the owner who raises them. If you need proof of that, look no further than this Pitbull, who calmly watches over two adorable newborn babies.

The Pitbull Watches Over The Two Adorable Babies

The video shows the adorable Pitbull next to his two newborn twin siblings who are lying right beneath him. The Pitbull calmly sits and watches over the babies, when he seems to become sleepy and appears as if he’s about to lay his head down and have a rest. At that moment, one of the babies begins to move around uncomfortably, unsure whether his devoted guardian Pitbull is still next to him. The pooch springs into action immediately, checking on both of his baby brothers, assuring them that he’s still there.

This adorable and attentive Pitbull is like an ambassador of his entire breed. He shows how calm and loving Pitbulls are when they’re raised right. Just like any other breed. The babies are lucky to have such a devoted protector watching over them day and night.

Watch the adorable video here:

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