Pitbull Saves The Life Of A 7-Month Old Toddler And Drags Him Out Of A Burning House

Despite their bad reputation for being aggressive, anyone who ever owned a Pitbull will tell you that they’re actually the sweetest and most compassionate breed. It really came as no surprise to this mother from California, when she saw how her pitbull, who was the first to leap into action, saves her young toddler from her burning house.

The mother, who’s named Latana Chai, and her daughter Masailah were enjoying a nice and relaxed evening at home. The two were watching TV, completely unaware that while they were chilling at home, their neighbor’s house was in flames. Thankfully it was precisely then that their loyal Pitbull Sasha began barking.

Latana, who heard her pooch barking continually in her backyard, went outside to see what’s going on when she saw her neighbor’s home up in flames. The inferno was so big that it was minutes from spreading to her house.

While Latana slowly processed what’s happening, Sasha didn’t waste a second and instantly leaped into action. The pooch ran into the backroom where 7-month-old Masailah was sleeping. She then picked him up from his diaper and dragged him out of the house to safety. The pooch’s act of selflessness brought Latana to tears.

Sasha and baby Masailah, who are about the same age and nearly the same size, have a deep and unbreakable bond. The Chais are very lucky to have such a vigilant and loyal pooch by their side. In an interview with  KCRA Latana said “She’s always been a part of the family, now she just gets steak”. And she definitely deserves all the steaks in the world!

Watch KCRA’s report on the story here:

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