Pitbull Refuses To Fight, Becomes A Bait Dog And Finally Gets A Second Chance

It’s no secret that Pitbulls have a bad reputation. That’s the reason for them being the most common breed to be found in adoption centers worldwide. People overlook them under the misconception that pits are violent, instead of recognizing that dogs, just like babies, can only grow to be what they were raised to be. Betsy, the incredibly resilient Pitbull in our next story, proves that sometimes dogs can also be much more than what they were raised to be.

Betsy’s owner wanted only one thing from her – to fight, but Betsy refused to do so. The pooch had only love and empathy in her, so her vicious owner turned her into a bait dog. Then, one day, Betsy’s heartless owner was finally arrested for his monstrous crimes.

Unfortunately, by the time of her rescue, the poor doggo’s body was so badly injured, that the medical team wasn’t sure if she’ll be able to make it. But Betsy wasn’t going to give up. She had undergone eight surgeries and received extensive treatment over the course of several painful months. Regardless of all the hardships, the brave pooch held on to dear life and finally fully recovered.

Despite her horrific experience with humans, the dog held no grudge for them. She opened up and embraced anyone she met at the shelter. She only had love and forgiveness in her heart.

When Betsy was finally ready to open a new chapter in life, she quickly found a family that was glad to welcome her into their loving home. Now, Betsy enjoys her new life with her two canine and two human siblings.

They love to go on adventures together to the nearby stream, jump together on the trampoline, or just chill by the pool.

The horrible humans from her past only wanted her to fight and hate, but now she can finally love and forgive.

Watch Betsy’s incredible recovery in the video below, please be aware that the beginning of the video contains graphic images:

Share Betsy’s inspirational story with friends and family members, to show them that Pitbulls are just as loving as any other breed. Let’s help dogs like Betsy find the homes they deserve, there’s no reason for pits to be the most prevalent breed in rescue shelters.

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